Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LOL!! :)

things i have found out recently:

1/ being at a pub is no fun when you're not drinking

2/ somehow, my car is the place for 18+ talks

3/ never trust dad with being in charge with the camera

4/ you should really not put all your time in work over assignmenting

5/ that i can actually wait tables and not be disgusted everytime i touch other people's rubbish

6/ human beings are a filthy bunch of people

7/ and lazy

8/should really put her clothes away the moment they come back from being washed, instead of just chucking it on top of her bed...

9/ should really do her assignment...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is once again upon us.
And i heed this call to ask everyone to participate.

It's been a couple of years since this event happen, and 
I remember when i first participated. I didn't think I could, knowing my parents who wouldn't want to turn of their lights even just for an hour as they didn't see the point of it.
But that year... my parents got invited to a relatives wedding, and my brother and sister weren't home.
So i used that opportunity to join in the festivities.

For an hour that night, i turned off all the lights. I turned off the computer, the tv. I switched everything off, and lit a candle.
For that one hour, I was in heaven.
For you see, part of the reason of me doing it was that i like living in the dark. I always wish for my house to have a black out when it is storming. I love the smell of candles, I love seeing everything in a different light. I love it how all family members has the time to sit down and do something together- no distractions, either playing a game, or talking to each other, or just being in each other presence.
I might be weird, who knows... I don't care.

But still...
Though this is still a reason of why I want to participate in Earth Hour, I am now more environmentally aware. I know what's happening to our Earth (and though some can argue about it... but sppff you, this is my blog, and this is my opinion)
but seriously, I don't see why everyone can't see it...

While looking around the Earth Hour website, I decided to find out my 
Ecological Footprint. It's pretty much finding out how many planets it takes to support our lifestyle.
If everyone lived the way I do, we'll need 2.5 planet Earths to provide enough resources.
Which, as i'm happy to announce, is lower than the last time i checked. I'm pretty sure the last time i did i got 2.7 or something.

I also watched the clip that it had. I think it's pretty cool, just watchin all these famous landmark turn dark. I think it's pretty looking. I feel a sense of connectivity. Knowing that I am part of the millions who are doing the same thing, all working towards the same goal. By just flicking the little switch, we are all saying something.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


i love the rain
because when i look up at the darken sky, and the rain falls onto my face
it reminds me of sad things that is happening in my life.
I use to cry to sleep.
and it wasn't a good habit.
And when my life is at the very bottom, i would cry to sleep every night.
I can admit it now, to everyone on here, to strangers, and most of all, to my friends.
I use to cry myself to sleep sometimes.

But i don't do it anymore. Coz i know it's bad for my health.
But I can't just keep it in, and not let it out, because that's also bad for my health.
And so the opportunity comes when the rains fall down.

I'm not being emo, though i might sound like one.
And please don't go up to me and ask if i'm ok, because that will just piss me off.
Me sitting in the rain enables me to ponder about my life- what has happen, how i could fix it, what will happen, how i can make it happen.

The rain not only makes me think of sad things that has happened in my life, it also makes me think of the wonderful joyful childhood that I had.
Why? When I was little, and it rained really hard, but not storming, my parents would let me and my brother and sister go outside and play in the rain. Screw getting sick afterwards. We were the only people outside, jumping into paddles, screaming, running around.. it was fun. I also wish for it to rain so that I could go outside and have fun.
Childhood years were fun, i wish i could get them back again.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Night Out!!..

When I go out in the town for the night, with a couple of my girls, I want to have fun.
Everyone wants to enjoy their night right?
They don't want to end up regretting what they did, or somehow end up in the hospital (though, sometimes ending up in hospital just means you had mega fun and forgot to stop yourself) but still.
When I go out, I want to enjoy my night.
I want to laugh
I want to dance
I want to forget everything that is call life. Responsibility, emotions, traumas...
I just want to have fun and laugh.
That's basically it. Laughter, I just want to spend most of my night laughing.

But why... why does most night end with something you don't want to remember.
Why does most of my night out have an ending of something I don't want to remember.
And usually, that event would somehow have something to do with a random drunk guy.

Who do they think they are? Just because they're drunk, they can go up against random female's personal space. To feel them up, to squeeze their ass, to put their tongue down their throat.
*shudders in thought*
They're drunk, ok, i get it. And the girl might be too. But just because the girl is drinking, doesn't mean that she's ok with having some guy violate her.
I'm sorry, but me drinking does not mean guys can come up to me and just harrass me.
like seriously.
That's not me having a fun time.
Dancing, ok... that's ok, fun innocent dancing.
but any touching and grabbing and funny business- i wish i could kick you where it hurts

Flirtation... thats ok- where's the fun if there's no flirtation. And just because i'm flirting, does not mean i want to end up in bed with you at the end of the night.
like they say 'girls just wanna have fun' but some girls (ie. me) though we might be drunk, still have the ability to KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING.

so... to all you guys out there.
Get me drunk, i'm fine with that =P
just don't think that by continuing feeding me drinks, that i'm going to end up with you at the end of the night.
All that's going to happen is you're wallet being much lighter, and me and my girls- many lovely free drinks~

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All in words!!

I looked up the dictionary meaning of the word 'cliche' today. It said - overfamiliar through overuse.
So what do words really mean to you? Think of some words you say every day. Like Good morning, Sorry, Thank you, Bye, Take care.. Perhaps the difference is when you really mean them. When you tell something thank you, can he hear it in your voice? But it's your choice. Really.

Of course, when someone talks too much, you'd rather roll your eyes and scrunch up your face to gather sympathy from on-lookers or probably hang yourself from that invisible rope. And if someone doesn't respond at all, you feel like banging your head on the nearest table. Or perhaps, the silent buddha's head instead of yours.

Can words be overused? Not if you mean them. If you tell someone you love them every single day, does that mean the word 'love' loses its importance by 1% every time you say it? Not if you mean it every time you say it. And maybe it helps you build your relationship by 1% every day.What if you speak without meaning it? I'd liken it to a daily ritual, like brushing your teeth. You'd get up every morning and do it because either you have to do it or it has just become a habit. Ever thought of what you meant by 'What's up?'

A teacher once told me, "You can't sing." I wonder if I should've believed her. A friend says, "You're so cute!" I wonder if she'll remember me ten years down the line. Then again, my Mom says, "You silly girl!" And I believe her. It makes me love her more. A friend says, "You're an idiot!" And it makes me happy.

Ideas are born out of words. They make and break relationships. They can bring a smile on someone's face and wipe it away for ever. And to some people,words mean the world. Even Neil Armstrong had something to say when he stepped on the moon! We all have to say something.
Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to listen to yourself once in while.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tech Talk..:)

Who me?
Whenever I talk to my friend vish, I take pride in the fact that I knew more about the 'colorful' side of life than him. Now I wouldn't dare define colorful. Stuff about poems, general issues, colors, designs, pictures..anything! I could always counter him and make fun of him saying, " Useless fellow! You should try to be more creative.." And then I'd puff up my chest and walk away. He knows I have an upper hand in this matter and the poor fellow always accepted defeat.

Ah laptops. Everybody owns a laptop these days. vish also got a sleek shiny laptop. Since my eyes can't resist anything that shines, I dreamed too, of owning a laptop! So I finally coaxed my dad to buy me a laptop from the dilli (it's cheaper out there), with the promise that I'd pay him back.
I proudly walked up to vish and said, "Ha! Now I'm also getting a laptop!" Gen being the old sweet natured guy said, " Oh that's great. So what are specs?"
"Specs?", I blinked.
"Yeah...the specifications, the brand, the memory etc.."
"Oh ya..that. Yeah, the normal stuff."
Now it was vishy's turn to look confused. "Normal...?"
"Ya, the normal stuff. I guess HP."
I tried to look confident. I had seen the enticing HP advertisements and it was probably the only brand I remembered at the moment.
Gen continued, " You should get a good graphics card. I got an ATI for mine. There are a lot of high end models like Nvidia Geforce 8600gt. You could go for 2 GB RAM, 2 GHz speed. Older computers had PIII and PIV, but centrino Core2 Duo is in now. HDD should idea be 200GB or plus if you're going to use Windows Vista. 14" laptops are more comfortable to carry around though I have a 15" Toshiba..."

All I heard was " Blah blah and blah."

Damn. The ball was in his court this time, even though he didn't realise it.