Friday, July 5, 2013

The Helmet Project - 2 Wheels And The Road: Manali To Leh- Ladakh : Heights Of Paradise !

The Helmet Project - 2 Wheels And The Road: Manali To Leh- Ladakh : Heights Of Paradise !: Conquerors on two wheels of this mighty - high adrenaline journey pronounce " You'll never be the same again after your first rid...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I love me!!

I have never dieted before, and no matter how many times i say I would diet, I don't. because i know that i don't need to diet. I just need to eat healthier. I once weighed myself and found that my weight, in relation to my height, i just made it into the "healthy" range.

I understand that people need to diet
I understand that some people need too.

I understand that some people will never think they are skinny enough
I understand
I really do.

I understand that some people think they're fat.

What I don't get is my friends, who think they're fat.
When they're not!!
They are the proportioned. None of them needs to go on a diet.
Maybe eating healthier like me, but not on a full on diet where they want to lose 10 kgs.
This is not what i want my friends to be (I'm sorry, but i don't)
i want them to love the body they have
I want them to cherish their bodies
What they have, and what they don't have.
You can't enjoy life at the fullest, if you don't love yourself.
You can't expect people to love you, if you first don't love yourself.

I dont think I can hang out and eat with people who counts the calories in everything they eat.
it's annoying
and I won't be able to enjoy myself.
That's not how I want my night out to be- where I can't enjoy my steak because the person in front of me is only eating salad and counting the calories in every tomato that they put in their mouth.

to love oneself

that is what I want.
I have just began to love the way I am.
I wish that people around me will love the way they are too.
Embrace what your mama gave you~

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pure Dilemma ...

It feels weird when i look down now and see this blue thing- i wonder what it is, than remember 'oh wait, i got my freaken belly pierced!!!'

how ridiculous is that?!?
this is me we're talking about
the "innocent" girl
(in quotation marks because seriously, i don't think i'm as innocent as you guys thought i was... but hey, i rather the title of innocent than something like "slutty" or something along those lines)

it feels so weird~!
i can feel like,
and now i'm extra cautious 

and i'm freaken sitting up straight now
i'm wondering why my parents hasn't caught on yet and asked why the freak i'm sitting so proper and moving around so weirdly- like not bending over 
and why am i covering my stomach with my hands a lot- like am i pregnant or something?!?
but then... i just got onto my monthly thing... so whatever my mum thought- she might just've thought that it is because of that now.. >.<

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keep guessing...

I have a feeling that people thinks differently about me.
I have a feeling that they think i've already... umm... slept with someone i guess.
Not because of the way i dress...
but because of what comes out of my mouth.

I mean, in this day an age, you won't find much people who hasn't done it. It's pretty much assumed that everyone has... and that with the people i hang out with, talking about it is no shame, out in the open where everyone can hear.

And though my friends around me knows the truth (and they still talk to me and ask me question.. and i just answer with a blank look)... but others, especially guys who i have just met in recent months don't know.
And when the topic arises... let's just say i dont say anything. I will just continue with the conversation, because i think telling them is more awkward than pretending that i have. 

Should I tell them?
I remember we were having dinner with a couple of guys, and we were playing a game similar to "I've never".. and the guys found out and were surprise that we haven't...

but what will they think of me if i tell them? 
It gets to the point where they ask what types of guys i like.. HOW WILL I KNOW?!? I DONT KNOW ANYTHING!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

'wtfrick!!' wat do i do?!?

Just had a mini freak out when the computer screen turned blue and started hurting my eyes.
I had no clue what happened
One second it was normal,
than i stretched out my legs, gently hit some cords at the back of the computer, and the computer screen turned blue.
And then some fiddling around, the screen turned black..
and since i was home alone, i didn't know what had happened, and what i'm suppose to do.

Thank gosh it was only a small thing, and i managed to get the computer back on and in normal colour.
But what would happen if it was something BIG?!? something MAJOR
like a total collapse of the computer, it being frozen, i lost a major document and needed to get it back, or a virus??

Me and technology just does not go together- hell, i can't even work the iphone. Just trying to find a webpage on that stupid little phone equals to major tantrums and screams. And enjoyable moment for others watching me, but it just increases my stress level by a couple of notches.

I can't even get my phone to connect to the computer so i can transfer music over!!

So... after this mini-freakout of mine, thank you aly for being on the other side of the cyber conversation for me to freak out on. Sadly, like me, Aly isn't pro-technology either. (Shhh.. but she didn't know how to print screen and copy and move it around on microsoft document...)
I decided that i have to go into some sort of computer course, to tell me what a tower is, and whats a gigabite, and a mega bite, and what ever other terms the computer world uses.

And while we're on it-
I need to do a car course- ie, how to change tyres in case one gets flat
- oil and water check and change
- how to put the number of RACQ into your phone
- how to open my hood =P
- how to wax on and off
- how to clean car
(ok, the last two are stupid. whatever)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LOL!! :)

things i have found out recently:

1/ being at a pub is no fun when you're not drinking

2/ somehow, my car is the place for 18+ talks

3/ never trust dad with being in charge with the camera

4/ you should really not put all your time in work over assignmenting

5/ that i can actually wait tables and not be disgusted everytime i touch other people's rubbish

6/ human beings are a filthy bunch of people

7/ and lazy

8/should really put her clothes away the moment they come back from being washed, instead of just chucking it on top of her bed...

9/ should really do her assignment...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is once again upon us.
And i heed this call to ask everyone to participate.

It's been a couple of years since this event happen, and 
I remember when i first participated. I didn't think I could, knowing my parents who wouldn't want to turn of their lights even just for an hour as they didn't see the point of it.
But that year... my parents got invited to a relatives wedding, and my brother and sister weren't home.
So i used that opportunity to join in the festivities.

For an hour that night, i turned off all the lights. I turned off the computer, the tv. I switched everything off, and lit a candle.
For that one hour, I was in heaven.
For you see, part of the reason of me doing it was that i like living in the dark. I always wish for my house to have a black out when it is storming. I love the smell of candles, I love seeing everything in a different light. I love it how all family members has the time to sit down and do something together- no distractions, either playing a game, or talking to each other, or just being in each other presence.
I might be weird, who knows... I don't care.

But still...
Though this is still a reason of why I want to participate in Earth Hour, I am now more environmentally aware. I know what's happening to our Earth (and though some can argue about it... but sppff you, this is my blog, and this is my opinion)
but seriously, I don't see why everyone can't see it...

While looking around the Earth Hour website, I decided to find out my 
Ecological Footprint. It's pretty much finding out how many planets it takes to support our lifestyle.
If everyone lived the way I do, we'll need 2.5 planet Earths to provide enough resources.
Which, as i'm happy to announce, is lower than the last time i checked. I'm pretty sure the last time i did i got 2.7 or something.

I also watched the clip that it had. I think it's pretty cool, just watchin all these famous landmark turn dark. I think it's pretty looking. I feel a sense of connectivity. Knowing that I am part of the millions who are doing the same thing, all working towards the same goal. By just flicking the little switch, we are all saying something.