Monday, February 15, 2010

Gloominess....a fickle..!

Its been pouring the whole day. 
                       Off and on, off and on again. 

So much has been on my mind lately. Yet, when I sit in front of my laptop, the computer screen stares back at me, blankly. My mind conversations just don't seem to translate into blog time, if that makes any sense at all.

 Lately, my mind has been really fickle. I think part of me has always been like that. But it seems to be getting more and more severe recently. Have I always been this difficult? I can spend 10 minutes just picking two apples in a supermarket when 10 people have probably walked past me with 5 apples each in their baskets. I always end up ordering last at a restaurant cause I just can't seem to choose and decide on what I want for lunch or dinner, and most times even after I've placed my order, I'd still look at the menu and wonder if I picked the right thing to eat. 

Ok. I can hear tavi (my roomie )start to panic now. *smiles* I'm sure I am having a great time with her. We're talking about a different topic here ok?

 Am I just being lazy and dependent on others to decide for me? Well of course there are days when I'm just too dominant for my own good I want to decide everything for myself. But its been a long time since I saw those days. What has happened?  I hope its just a passing phase. Maybe I just need to de-clutter my room and brain for more simple storage space and proper organization in life. 

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