Wednesday, February 10, 2010

U cant stop me thinking....

In ur office, 
sittin on ur chair,amid the chaos,
if u hav a second to spare,
look beyond the glass of ur cabinate,
u will see a mass of humanity sloggin,
movin 4 no reasonable purpose or reason....

u may shrug ur head n plunge bak in the pool of existense,
like most of us do,
for a change though u can do better,
a little childish as it may appear,
yet u cud jst do a fraction better...

close ur eyes n look within carefully,
with patience,
in sm corner of the cabinate u will see a dot appear,
which will slowly grow big n fill ur sight wid such beuty u always wanna stare,
a cool breeze,
a fragrance,
a seaside, 
a moonlit nite,
a heart throb,
it ll all b thr...

to welcome u wid open arms,
craving for ur queenly presence,
walk a little n grab ur share of attention,
experience the elation...
till u a happy n merry enough to pull u through d day....

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