Thursday, March 11, 2010

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is once again upon us.
And i heed this call to ask everyone to participate.

It's been a couple of years since this event happen, and 
I remember when i first participated. I didn't think I could, knowing my parents who wouldn't want to turn of their lights even just for an hour as they didn't see the point of it.
But that year... my parents got invited to a relatives wedding, and my brother and sister weren't home.
So i used that opportunity to join in the festivities.

For an hour that night, i turned off all the lights. I turned off the computer, the tv. I switched everything off, and lit a candle.
For that one hour, I was in heaven.
For you see, part of the reason of me doing it was that i like living in the dark. I always wish for my house to have a black out when it is storming. I love the smell of candles, I love seeing everything in a different light. I love it how all family members has the time to sit down and do something together- no distractions, either playing a game, or talking to each other, or just being in each other presence.
I might be weird, who knows... I don't care.

But still...
Though this is still a reason of why I want to participate in Earth Hour, I am now more environmentally aware. I know what's happening to our Earth (and though some can argue about it... but sppff you, this is my blog, and this is my opinion)
but seriously, I don't see why everyone can't see it...

While looking around the Earth Hour website, I decided to find out my 
Ecological Footprint. It's pretty much finding out how many planets it takes to support our lifestyle.
If everyone lived the way I do, we'll need 2.5 planet Earths to provide enough resources.
Which, as i'm happy to announce, is lower than the last time i checked. I'm pretty sure the last time i did i got 2.7 or something.

I also watched the clip that it had. I think it's pretty cool, just watchin all these famous landmark turn dark. I think it's pretty looking. I feel a sense of connectivity. Knowing that I am part of the millions who are doing the same thing, all working towards the same goal. By just flicking the little switch, we are all saying something.

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