Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Evils laugh.....

omg... i met the most COOLEST guy ever last sunday night!

at first, i thought he was scare looking, because he was wearing a mask
and it was a freaky mask..
but then as the night went on, and he took it off
i was like 'oh, he looks familiar'

and he did look familiar... he would've looked familiar to everyone.

Because you want to know why?
Who he looks like?

And seriously, he looks much like Dracula!!!
wonder if i can find a photo of him..i took one myself, but i'm too lazy to upload the pics from camera to computer...
lets see...

ahh... no... only pictures of him with his mask on.
guess you'll just have to wait until i decide to upload and remember...

but seriously

apparently he is the descendant of the guy Dracula is based on.
Dunno if it's true or not
but by the looks of him,
i would believe that he is.

p.s- fell sick this morning from the drinking of last night.
What happens when there's an open bar
and my bed 5 minutes away

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