Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Platform...

Living in a wrld of self created illusions
to humor myself, i romance delusions
Too numb to face the hurricane of reality
My fictitious life remains my escape to sanity
A neverending deliberation to find the roots to my fear
But still i can't understand; maybe coz the answer's too near
More than others, it is with myself that i fight
To mollify the hard facts, i let slip by whatever's right
But many a times, my dubious existence leaves me jaded
Coz sooner or later, this facade will begin to appear faded
When the presumptuous smile shall vanish and the pink of my cheeks would clear
The curtains shall rise and instead of me, a pierrette will appear
Facing a plethora of stares questioning my cowardly creation
And the ignonimity of facing a standalone revelation
I know that those who question me are in their own conscious unclear
Soon, they’ll be in my place is their constant plaguing fear
But today’s my day to face the wrath of the spotlight
Even though I’m not the only one, who with myself, fight
I wonder why ‘I’ becomes uncomfortable with ‘me’
Why the ‘I’ is compelled to be so artificial when ‘me’ is so butterfree
Those who stare at me today could be my likely answer
But there’s limited longevity of a lone lancer
So, shout as much I wish, only to see words strike a transparent wall
Coz even before I can fully justify, the curtains, on my life’s stage...shall fall.. 


  1. First time here, nice collection of poems ..

  2. thankx prashanth....jus a way to get my brain juice out..:)