Sunday, March 7, 2010

Night Out!!..

When I go out in the town for the night, with a couple of my girls, I want to have fun.
Everyone wants to enjoy their night right?
They don't want to end up regretting what they did, or somehow end up in the hospital (though, sometimes ending up in hospital just means you had mega fun and forgot to stop yourself) but still.
When I go out, I want to enjoy my night.
I want to laugh
I want to dance
I want to forget everything that is call life. Responsibility, emotions, traumas...
I just want to have fun and laugh.
That's basically it. Laughter, I just want to spend most of my night laughing.

But why... why does most night end with something you don't want to remember.
Why does most of my night out have an ending of something I don't want to remember.
And usually, that event would somehow have something to do with a random drunk guy.

Who do they think they are? Just because they're drunk, they can go up against random female's personal space. To feel them up, to squeeze their ass, to put their tongue down their throat.
*shudders in thought*
They're drunk, ok, i get it. And the girl might be too. But just because the girl is drinking, doesn't mean that she's ok with having some guy violate her.
I'm sorry, but me drinking does not mean guys can come up to me and just harrass me.
like seriously.
That's not me having a fun time.
Dancing, ok... that's ok, fun innocent dancing.
but any touching and grabbing and funny business- i wish i could kick you where it hurts

Flirtation... thats ok- where's the fun if there's no flirtation. And just because i'm flirting, does not mean i want to end up in bed with you at the end of the night.
like they say 'girls just wanna have fun' but some girls (ie. me) though we might be drunk, still have the ability to KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING.

so... to all you guys out there.
Get me drunk, i'm fine with that =P
just don't think that by continuing feeding me drinks, that i'm going to end up with you at the end of the night.
All that's going to happen is you're wallet being much lighter, and me and my girls- many lovely free drinks~

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  1. hey ...howz ya...hope you remember me...u seems to be lost and away frm all your FB frnds..anywys gt little time today so thought of checking out your blogs and see whats going on with was holi there in SA??...

    alrite, so yet again a well written real life experience and total thumbs up for it..will write my comments lil latter b4 tht let me just quickly go through all what i missed(previous blogs)..