Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All in words!!

I looked up the dictionary meaning of the word 'cliche' today. It said - overfamiliar through overuse.
So what do words really mean to you? Think of some words you say every day. Like Good morning, Sorry, Thank you, Bye, Take care.. Perhaps the difference is when you really mean them. When you tell something thank you, can he hear it in your voice? But it's your choice. Really.

Of course, when someone talks too much, you'd rather roll your eyes and scrunch up your face to gather sympathy from on-lookers or probably hang yourself from that invisible rope. And if someone doesn't respond at all, you feel like banging your head on the nearest table. Or perhaps, the silent buddha's head instead of yours.

Can words be overused? Not if you mean them. If you tell someone you love them every single day, does that mean the word 'love' loses its importance by 1% every time you say it? Not if you mean it every time you say it. And maybe it helps you build your relationship by 1% every day.What if you speak without meaning it? I'd liken it to a daily ritual, like brushing your teeth. You'd get up every morning and do it because either you have to do it or it has just become a habit. Ever thought of what you meant by 'What's up?'

A teacher once told me, "You can't sing." I wonder if I should've believed her. A friend says, "You're so cute!" I wonder if she'll remember me ten years down the line. Then again, my Mom says, "You silly girl!" And I believe her. It makes me love her more. A friend says, "You're an idiot!" And it makes me happy.

Ideas are born out of words. They make and break relationships. They can bring a smile on someone's face and wipe it away for ever. And to some people,words mean the world. Even Neil Armstrong had something to say when he stepped on the moon! We all have to say something.
Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to listen to yourself once in while.

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  1. bt dn u really think action can speak louder than words..i mean there are times you don't say nything but one action of yours can make the difference may be make or break a relationship??You can say you love a person, but when that person is in need, your help will show them that you love them.
    Words do not always mean everything.....it is what you do that makes you what people look up to you...

    your thoughts on it???