Monday, June 28, 2010

'wtfrick!!' wat do i do?!?

Just had a mini freak out when the computer screen turned blue and started hurting my eyes.
I had no clue what happened
One second it was normal,
than i stretched out my legs, gently hit some cords at the back of the computer, and the computer screen turned blue.
And then some fiddling around, the screen turned black..
and since i was home alone, i didn't know what had happened, and what i'm suppose to do.

Thank gosh it was only a small thing, and i managed to get the computer back on and in normal colour.
But what would happen if it was something BIG?!? something MAJOR
like a total collapse of the computer, it being frozen, i lost a major document and needed to get it back, or a virus??

Me and technology just does not go together- hell, i can't even work the iphone. Just trying to find a webpage on that stupid little phone equals to major tantrums and screams. And enjoyable moment for others watching me, but it just increases my stress level by a couple of notches.

I can't even get my phone to connect to the computer so i can transfer music over!!

So... after this mini-freakout of mine, thank you aly for being on the other side of the cyber conversation for me to freak out on. Sadly, like me, Aly isn't pro-technology either. (Shhh.. but she didn't know how to print screen and copy and move it around on microsoft document...)
I decided that i have to go into some sort of computer course, to tell me what a tower is, and whats a gigabite, and a mega bite, and what ever other terms the computer world uses.

And while we're on it-
I need to do a car course- ie, how to change tyres in case one gets flat
- oil and water check and change
- how to put the number of RACQ into your phone
- how to open my hood =P
- how to wax on and off
- how to clean car
(ok, the last two are stupid. whatever)

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