Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keep guessing...

I have a feeling that people thinks differently about me.
I have a feeling that they think i've already... umm... slept with someone i guess.
Not because of the way i dress...
but because of what comes out of my mouth.

I mean, in this day an age, you won't find much people who hasn't done it. It's pretty much assumed that everyone has... and that with the people i hang out with, talking about it is no shame, out in the open where everyone can hear.

And though my friends around me knows the truth (and they still talk to me and ask me question.. and i just answer with a blank look)... but others, especially guys who i have just met in recent months don't know.
And when the topic arises... let's just say i dont say anything. I will just continue with the conversation, because i think telling them is more awkward than pretending that i have. 

Should I tell them?
I remember we were having dinner with a couple of guys, and we were playing a game similar to "I've never".. and the guys found out and were surprise that we haven't...

but what will they think of me if i tell them? 
It gets to the point where they ask what types of guys i like.. HOW WILL I KNOW?!? I DONT KNOW ANYTHING!!

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