Sunday, November 27, 2011

I love me!!

I have never dieted before, and no matter how many times i say I would diet, I don't. because i know that i don't need to diet. I just need to eat healthier. I once weighed myself and found that my weight, in relation to my height, i just made it into the "healthy" range.

I understand that people need to diet
I understand that some people need too.

I understand that some people will never think they are skinny enough
I understand
I really do.

I understand that some people think they're fat.

What I don't get is my friends, who think they're fat.
When they're not!!
They are the proportioned. None of them needs to go on a diet.
Maybe eating healthier like me, but not on a full on diet where they want to lose 10 kgs.
This is not what i want my friends to be (I'm sorry, but i don't)
i want them to love the body they have
I want them to cherish their bodies
What they have, and what they don't have.
You can't enjoy life at the fullest, if you don't love yourself.
You can't expect people to love you, if you first don't love yourself.

I dont think I can hang out and eat with people who counts the calories in everything they eat.
it's annoying
and I won't be able to enjoy myself.
That's not how I want my night out to be- where I can't enjoy my steak because the person in front of me is only eating salad and counting the calories in every tomato that they put in their mouth.

to love oneself

that is what I want.
I have just began to love the way I am.
I wish that people around me will love the way they are too.
Embrace what your mama gave you~


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