Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pure Dilemma ...

It feels weird when i look down now and see this blue thing- i wonder what it is, than remember 'oh wait, i got my freaken belly pierced!!!'

how ridiculous is that?!?
this is me we're talking about
the "innocent" girl
(in quotation marks because seriously, i don't think i'm as innocent as you guys thought i was... but hey, i rather the title of innocent than something like "slutty" or something along those lines)

it feels so weird~!
i can feel like,
and now i'm extra cautious 

and i'm freaken sitting up straight now
i'm wondering why my parents hasn't caught on yet and asked why the freak i'm sitting so proper and moving around so weirdly- like not bending over 
and why am i covering my stomach with my hands a lot- like am i pregnant or something?!?
but then... i just got onto my monthly thing... so whatever my mum thought- she might just've thought that it is because of that now.. >.<

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