Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birthday wish...

Finally, he turns 18. I think he's been waiting for this day for a while. Almost every one of his friends, and even his girlfriend, is already 18 and has enjoyed the adult life. BUT HIM!!!

...well, not really. Since he already went drinking, clubbing and all. So i don't know what turning 18 will let him- maybe go to the casino and gamble with money away?

I've always said this since the beginning of highschool basically, and i still believe it now: Out of my whole family, i'm the odd one out. Seriously. I cannot be any bit more different than my brother and sister. It's just weird. We share the same blood, the same parents, the same up bringing, and yet- i turn out the be different from them.

At least my brother and sister have similar interest (mainly cars...) but nothing with me.
Things my brother and I have in common in interest: 
- sports (but he likes basketball, while i'm a soccer kind of person)
- shows (friends, How I met Your mother, my wife and kids, scrubs)
Things my sister and I have in common (apart from the obvious):

*a minute later*
I'm already stuck!
- shoes! (or rather, we're the same size and she borrows mine and i borrow hers)
things my sister and brother have in common in interest:
- cars
- music

ok... well, though it's only two.... when we're all together, the most popular topic to discuss is music and cars, and so i'm always not contributing since i don't know anything about cars and music.
Things that I like, that they don't really like:
- music (i'm more c-pop while their playlist is fill with rnb and stuff)
- shows (apart from the comedy, i'm more of a chick-flick)
- movies (same with movies, i'm more of a chick-flick, while they're action oriented)
- books (i can't even remember the last time any of them picked up a book!)
- clothes (sis and i have totally different style of clothes. However, i'm fine with wearing her clothing, but she doesn't really like my style)
- there's also the liking of disney movies 
- and the ability to access my inner-child
They know nothing of my life... seriously!
they won't be able to even begin to enjoy it if they need to

Ok... i don't know how a blog that started with a birthday wish to my brother ended up with this. i should be get going to my work! >< teeheehee

happy birthday anyways, even though, its not like you'll see this post ^.~


  1. happy belated brthday to your brother...hope he does read this...

    I I I want to be a kid once

    Keep it going mate...


  2. Thanks Avi...U been sucha sweetheart!! :)