Monday, March 1, 2010

Tech Talk..:)

Who me?
Whenever I talk to my friend vish, I take pride in the fact that I knew more about the 'colorful' side of life than him. Now I wouldn't dare define colorful. Stuff about poems, general issues, colors, designs, pictures..anything! I could always counter him and make fun of him saying, " Useless fellow! You should try to be more creative.." And then I'd puff up my chest and walk away. He knows I have an upper hand in this matter and the poor fellow always accepted defeat.

Ah laptops. Everybody owns a laptop these days. vish also got a sleek shiny laptop. Since my eyes can't resist anything that shines, I dreamed too, of owning a laptop! So I finally coaxed my dad to buy me a laptop from the dilli (it's cheaper out there), with the promise that I'd pay him back.
I proudly walked up to vish and said, "Ha! Now I'm also getting a laptop!" Gen being the old sweet natured guy said, " Oh that's great. So what are specs?"
"Specs?", I blinked.
"Yeah...the specifications, the brand, the memory etc.."
"Oh ya..that. Yeah, the normal stuff."
Now it was vishy's turn to look confused. "Normal...?"
"Ya, the normal stuff. I guess HP."
I tried to look confident. I had seen the enticing HP advertisements and it was probably the only brand I remembered at the moment.
Gen continued, " You should get a good graphics card. I got an ATI for mine. There are a lot of high end models like Nvidia Geforce 8600gt. You could go for 2 GB RAM, 2 GHz speed. Older computers had PIII and PIV, but centrino Core2 Duo is in now. HDD should idea be 200GB or plus if you're going to use Windows Vista. 14" laptops are more comfortable to carry around though I have a 15" Toshiba..."

All I heard was " Blah blah and blah."

Damn. The ball was in his court this time, even though he didn't realise it.

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